Car Insurance Rates

New Jersey has the 11th most amount of drivers on the road of any state. This is despite it being the 47th state in size. Having so many drivers in such a densely populated area has led to having some of the highest car insurance rates in the country. Beat out by only a few other states, it has consistently scored near the most expensive places to operate a vehicle in the US. You can shop car insurance rates by phone or online. Now, Let’s take a moment to break down car insurance rates and learn more about the costs.


The Facts And Figures

It has consistently ranked in the top 10 most expensive places to get car insurance in the country.  In 2014, the average cost of car insurance in the country was measured to be $907.38 a year. In New Jersey, the cost of car insurance is more than double. Every year, the average resident spends $1,905 on car insurance. What explains this cost?  Well, the density issue reviewed at the beginning of this article can explain how costs associated with potential damages would lead to higher prices. A second consideration is that New jersey requires more than the average for basic minimal coverage in order to drive legally in the state. Simply put, people in New jersey pay more than the rest of the country.


Does Gender Play A Role?

Yes and no.  In new Jersey, there is a noticeable difference depending on what gender you are the younger you are.  For example, those who are 19 years old will typically be charged $200 more if they are a man than a woman.  At 31 years old, there is only a 2 dollar difference between the two while women end up paying 5 dollars more on average at the age of 43. The reason men pay for women at an earlier age is because men on average will receive more DUI convictions, more accidents, and more speeding tickets than women.


Age And Cost

One of the most dramatic determinants of what will affect your NJ auto insurance rates is age.  In a 9 year period of time between 16 and 25, the average car insurance cost with be cut into a quarter of what it was previously, going from around $8,000 a year to $2,000 a year.  For many of the same reasons listed under gender, the younger a driver is the more likely they are to get into an accident and the less driving experience they have to base rates from.

Top Health Insurance Companies

There are many companies that can offer you health insurance because it’s now the national law that nearly everyone has to have a policy for themselves and their families. To find the top health insurance companies, there are some very easy ways to get the best deal and the most coverage.

Ways to Find a Great Policy

Here are some ways to find the policy you’re looking for.

  • Look online at quotes. You can check around at different websites to see quotes that are relevant to you and your needs. This may take some doing, because there are a lot of sites out there. For example, will help you find top health insurance companies. However, this is just a fact-finding mission, so you’re able to get a rough estimate on how much money a policy might cost you.
  • Call agents to get a good deal. If you find some policies or prices you like, there may be phone numbers to call to purchase these plans. You may want to go ahead and make some phone calls in order to get closer to getting the health insurance you need. Calling and getting solid information is a great way to figure out the top health insurance companies.
  • Ask plenty of questions. At times, people may say things to try and pressure you to buy what they’re selling. It’s up to you to ask the right questions and make sure that you understand you don’t have to decide right away. You can simply write down all the facts so that you can view them later and make a decision.
  • Talk to those around you. A great thing to do is talk about the different plans and what they cover with your family and friends. There’s no doubt that nearly everyone you know has a different health plan, so they can explain some concepts to you or tell you where to get a great deal or a trustworthy plan. They may also be able to give you a second opinion on some of the policies you’ve been looking at.



Looking at the top health insurance companies is a great way to find the right policy that will give you the most coverage. There are many different insurance companies, but they aren’t all created equally. That’s why it takes some searching to find a trustworthy company that can keep you fully-covered.

Be Your Own Advocate By Knowing More About Insurance Companies

Want to be you own best advocate when it comes to insurance companies?  By learning more about the laws and how companies operate, you can give yourself the power to find the best possible insurance provider from the start.


A Lot Of Insurance Options

The benefit of going with insurance companies in the state is that you will have countless options.  With a better selection than the majority of the United States, finding the right company can be challenging. Thankfully, there are individual guides for specific types of insurance.  The best place to begin is by selecting the insurance you need and researching them separately.


What Are Some Good Resources?

There are many fantastic resources for learning more about insurance companies.  The government website offers information on many of the most popular forms of insurance, providing guides that you can follow to ensure that the insurance provider you are dealing with is playing by the rules. You can also go to, to obtain free quotes and more information on insurance companies. There are also customer support groups that run private websites that gather user experiences and walkthroughs of existing laws to make breaking down and understanding the legal jargon easier.


How Can I Check To See If NJ Insurance Companies Are Operating Legally In The State?

One of the services provides all residents is free access to their Insurance Codes.  The Insurance Codes are a list of all companies legally allowed to work in the state and provide insurance.  From the most recognizable names in the industry to companies that exist and operate only within a small section of the state, they will be listed in the Insurance Codes.  Every company legally allowed to work in the state will have a 3 digit code number.  Many insurance providers will provide their code for reference, ensuring that their service is legal and legitimate in the eyes of the states.  Being recognized by the state ensures full legal rights under the state, providing more insurance and coverage if something goes wrong.  If an insurance provider you are working with fails to provide you with their insurance code number or are otherwise not under the list, then consider going with an alternative provider.


Being Your Own Advocate

To be your own advocate means understanding the laws and rules that govern insurance companies.  Combined with carefully searching for a quote, you will be able to get the very best insurance deal in the state.  With some time and effort, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in annual costs.